And While I’m At It…

by Christopher Paul on July 13, 2005

Since we are on the topic of links, you’ll notice I already added the Cerulean Studios link and badge to the site. Trillian, which CS developed, is a multi-protocol Instant Messenger application; it works with the big guys like AOL, ICQ, MSN, & Yahoo! but because it works with plugins it also supports Jabber, Novell, and now Skype. I recommend it to everyone who is a habitual IM’er like myself. If you have more than one screen name for a particular medium, you can use the Trillian Pro and connect to all of them simultaneously; I, myself, have two AOL, two ICQ, seven MSN, one Yahoo!, and one Skype screen names. Its a great tool that I can’t stop talking about. Check it out!

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