by Christopher Paul on January 1, 2006

I am SO bored right now.

One thing I hate about the holidays is that once the festive dinner is over and the guests go home, there is nothing to do. If any regularly scheduled TV shows are actually on, they are very old repeats. Otherwise, the stations play cheesy holiday movies like Santa Clause or Home Alone 1 or 2; Home Alone 3 sucked so bad that it singlehandedly ruined everyone’s career except Scarlett Johansson’s but only because she’s fucking hot and a great actress to boot (see Lost In Translation, Girl With A Pearl Earring, or In Good Company if you doubt me)!!! Anyway… Stores either close early or never open at all limiting my chances of escaping my boredom. My parents only have one DVD player on the one TV and its either taken by my father watching old black and white movies or my younger (lawyer) brother who only watches cartoons – the old kind from the 40’s and 50’s. If I forget to bring my laptop, I’d be forced to peel my skin off my arm just to know I’m not in some kind of hell.

My wife – who’s been under the weather lately – is napping. There is no paper to read. I did the crossword puzzle from New York Magazine. I even read Slashdot, MSNBC,, and read most of my favorite blogs (which you can find on my page)! I’ve even read some articles from Wikipedia to see who was born on January 1 of years past. I’m finding iTune’s selection of radio stations severely lacking – especially with their Blues stations (not one of them is CD quality). So here I am bored out of my mind and blogging to pass the time away.

I’m off tomorrow, though, and I can feel bored at my own home with nothing to watch on daytime TV and nothing to do there either. At least I can play some video games until my eyes dry out.

Can I go back to work yet?

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