Calvin & Hobbes

by Christopher Paul on January 15, 2006

I’m a huge fan of Calvin and Hobbes. I read it all the time when it was still being published and I read it whenever I can online. My brother, who’s also a huge C&H fan, gave me the entire book collection one year for Christmas. The comic is brilliant on so many levels.

One level is that of a kid just being a kid. Getting into trouble and just trying to have fun. Whether its pretending to battle alien invaders, picking on the girl at school, or sledding in the snow, Calvin makes the most of the world handed to him and enjoys it with his trusty friend Hobbes.

The other, and more enjoyable level, is that of a philosophical one. Both Calvin and Hobbes were named after their respective inspirations: John Calvin and Thomas Hobbes. John Calvin was, during his time, considered a reckless theologian who challenged the establishment – much like Calvin does in the strip. Hobbes, who I would call a realist, shared a less optimistic view of humanity and balanced Calvin’s character by bringing a practical view to the altruistic views of the 6 year-old. Thomas Hobbes also influenced Thomas Jefferson a great deal and helped him, along with John Locke, construct the ideas of democracy for our country.


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