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by Christopher Paul on January 16, 2006

The website my wife created for our wedding is getting a bit old. We’ve been married for only three months but the site has nothing but wedding details that no one needs. I’ve set up a blog so people can check in for the latest goings on but don’t have a main page yet. Although she created the wedding pages (without knowing a thing about HTML coding), she doesn’t want to do it again and I have been tasked with the site redesign.

Now, I don’t know much about HTML coding myself. I’ve been pretty successful at taking existing code or code samples and tweaking them to suit my needs. As you recall, I did embed streaming video, photos, and Google Maps into the site; I even altered the color scheme and added my own banner icons on the bottom of the page. But as mot people know, that stuff is easy. Today’s 6 year-olds can do what I did. But I can’t create from scratch a site – especially one that looks any good.

So I started looking at web templates on-line – free ones, specifically. They are out there but they all suck. Those that are good cost anywhere from $24.95 to $100.00+. I’m not adverse to buying a template but now is not a good time for me to be spending money on a cosmetic redesign with me moving and all. Templates are a good idea for the future but not good now. What I need is some good sample code so I can ‘edit’ it to my liking.

Does anyone have a good site where I can get sample HTML code that’s nearly complete? I don’t need (or want) Flash and a simple, but nice looking, site is what I’m looking for.

Does anyone want to code me a website for free? I’ll give you a free plug on the site.

Any takers???

Guess, not… rats.

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