More Code Changes

by Christopher Paul on March 11, 2006

Whether you know it or not, I’ve been busy with the site. Nearly all the additions or changes are cosmetic code in nature but do have some benefit to you – my loyal fan.

The first change I made worth mentioning was for At the end of every post (near the comments section), I added a ‘Post to’ link. When you click on the link, it will allow you to add the article or story you just read to your bookmarks. You’ll be able to add your the tags of your choice to the link just like you could any other site.

The second change that’s interesting to note is the ‘My Recent Playlist’ to the side bar. I signed up for and installed their plug-in for iTunes. It creates an RSS feed of the songs I listen along with a ranking of how many times I listen to that track or artist. My friend, Frank, helped me turn the RSS feed into Java script with this site: Feed to JavaScript which allowed me to add my most recently listened to tracks.

I’ve also added JavaScript that adds Newsvine content for New York. You can’t see it yet because I’m waiting to get an ok from them to list their content on my site; I don’t want to get a cease and desist order from some lawyer claiming Newsvine has a copyright the news. If I get an ok, I’ll un-comment it from my code.

Until I get that up, though, enjoy seeing what I listen to on the site.

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