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by Christopher Paul on March 13, 2006

Ok… I’m bored. But you know that already because I told you so in the last post. So I started to randomly search blogs and I came across one that I thought was really interesting. This site (I’m not going to link to it), was totally devoted to this one guy taking donations from the general internet public.

This kind of idea – soliciting visitors of one’s site for donations with no reason – isn’t new. Hell, people have been selling useless stuff on the internet for years. Forget about the million dollar web page… What about eBay?

So in the spirit of collecting money for no reason other than to say you can, I’m now accepting donations to the So Its Come to This: Fund. The donations go to a worthy cause – i.e. me. And your small – but generous contribution of one, single, lonely, dollar with go towards whatever I feel like.

Seriously, though. I’m setting this up to see if I can actually get a dollar from someone and, if I can, see how much I can collect. But I will do this:

If I get a substantial amount of money – like say anything more than $25 – I’ll donate it to a charity and show proof of that donation. This is more like an experiment than some cheap ploy to get a buck or two. If I was that desperate for cash, I wouldn’t be hosting this website.


Click on this link to donate a dollar to me. I’ll keep a ‘Make a Donation’ button below the Google Map just in case.

Now, if you can spare a dollar, please…

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