Eyes re-revisited

by Christopher Paul on April 25, 2006

So it looks like I can get the procedure done.

I’m excited but nervous at the same time. I want to see well for the first time since, well, ever. I have my choice of two laser types. One is lasik, the other what they call PRK. The PRK doesn’t cut the eye lid like lasik does.

Both are safe and yield the same results but the PRK work takes longer to heal. The doc says that the PRK is slightly more safe and sometimes yields better results but the difference isn’t more than 2% in either category.

My wife wants me to get a second opinion and I suppose she’s right to want that but I really want to get this over with. I’ve got something scheduled for the 19th of May and it can take a week or so to be fully healed so by memorial day weekend, I should have near perfect vision in the left eye and perfect vision in the right.

Oh, and I also have to get references to make sure the doctor – who has an office on Park Ave and another in Westchester – knows what he’s doing. He could be a quack but I hope the 5k he charges means he does good work.

Some places charge very little – 750 to 1750 an eye and this guy charges 2500 dollars an eye for a 7 second procedure in the right eye and 45 seconds in the left. What a racket!!!

Anyway, the point is that I can get the laser correction done and that’s enough for me. Now, its just about making sure what I’m getting done is best for me and the doctor doing the work isn’t wanted in another state or country for malpractice.

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