Another boring day…

by Christopher Paul on May 3, 2006

Another day at work and another day I question why I work where I do.

I didn’t do anthing, really. I organized my bookmarks in Fire Fox and fixed that template issue on this blog.

I did do some work. I set up a new server and fixed some software problems on some people’s computers. I got lunch with a friend of mine who might help me on something I want to develop for the company.

But I mostly sat in the corner.

The other day, however, I moved my computer into the vacant office. I couldn’t concentrate so I decided to move myself. I don’t know if I will like it as much either because I don’t want to disappear from anyone and want to work hard at getting people to know I’m still around.

But the new location doesn’t make the job more exciting. In fact, it might make it more boring – I have to be careful I don’t let that happen.


I’m going to the gym now and will work out for a little while before I go home.

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