Changes a Plenty

by Christopher Paul on May 5, 2006

Ok, trusty blog readers!

Listen up! There are some changes coming to So It’s Come To This so look closely or you just might miss them.

What are they, you ask?

Well, it’s the most stupendous, amazing, wonderful, all-powerful change you could have ever imagined! I’m thinking of converting this blog from Blogger code to WordPress 2.0 code!


I know what you’re thinking… you’re thinking that the avant guard styling of my Blogger template is the cat’s meow and I can’t possibly want to mess with perfection. BUT I DO!

If course, I’m going backup everything in case it doesn’t work out… and I have to figure out a way to move over the posts from the Blogger system to the WordPress 2.0 system but that’s part of the fun.

Now… what template should I use….??


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