I Told You So!

by Christopher Paul on June 9, 2006

I told you so! I mentioned here that I was going to reinvent this blog and, well, I did it! I have to say I had a tremendous help from my friend who let me build of the courage to, esentially, completely delete the ‘old’ blog and install WordPress 2.0 on my domian. Thankfully, my host provider offers free WordPress 2.0 installs and made the entire setup so easy; I can’t imgiane doing it any other way.

But the real reason it was so easy was WordPress’s import feature. While it missed some of my embedded objects like my YouTube video and some of my Java script, everything was imported. I’m still checking things (I backed up my site before I did anything) so the final word isn’t out yet but I’m confident things will be ok.

I haven’t edited the themes yet (or selected a permanent one) so expect the site to change a little bit before the conversion is all done. But until then, enjoy the fresh, new, crisp, So It’s Come to This:

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