by Christopher Paul on July 1, 2006

With the July 4th weekend upon us, I’m taking to opportunity to visit some friends and work on the blog. I’ll be adding some new features and plugins that will bring this blog up another notch.

The first thing I’m going to do is clean up my posts. For that, you might want to look at the post count on the top part of the sidebar. Its currently at 100 but I don’t actually have, what I consider, 100 posts. Some are test posts that I meant to delete but never managed to do. I’m going to remove them in anticipation for the real 100th post where I’ll write something more substantial than a diary entry.

After I clean up the posts, I’m going to create categories for them and actually assign them to those categories. I’m all about the meta data as of late and I want my posts to be organized in some way using the tag features of the site.

Then, I’m going to add some more features. I’ve already done a few that I didn’t write about (yet) but will add more and write about them in one fell swoop.
Stay tuned for more So It’s Come To This!

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