This Time, I Got Love

by Christopher Paul on July 21, 2006

I left for work around 5:45 today and quickly proceeded to the subway where I prayed there was no delay. Knowing me and my Charlie Brown-like luck, there would be. I was hoping I’d catch a break like I did earlier in the day when I found an umbrella to shield me from this horrible New York weather.

When I got to the station, I was relieved to are they didn’t block my entry. In the past, when the tunes to Queens flooded or the power failed, they just closed the entire station. I swiped my MetroCard and ran down the stairs crossing my fingers hoping that the station wouldn’t be crowded – a sure sign that things were not right in MTA Land.

When I got off the stairs, I looked up and what did I see? A sea of people waiting for the train!

“Fuck!”, I said, as I tried to weave my way around the dirty, disgruntled, the disorderly people waiting at my stop. I tried to listen to the MTA employee standing around hoping if hear what the source of the delay was. I didn’t hear anything from him or the loudspeakers so I walked to my “spot” on the platform where I wait for a train. But as I was walking towards the center of the platform, I heard the familiar rumblings of a train pulling into the station.

Who knows how long if have to wait for another train, I thought. Who knows how long it would take to get all these people off the platform. Who knows if the train will have any room for all these people in the first place. And would this train be a train that I needed to take? I pondered these thoughts as I listened to the train get closer.

As it passed, I was pleasantly surprised to see it was a train for me! Moreover, it had lots of room! Even though I wasn’t at my spot yet, I was happy. Now, I only had to deal with the crowd who wanted to board the train. But even that was easy. I got on, got off at my destination and got on the PATH in my normal time.

Now, I walk home using the brolly I found at work.

Sometimes, the Love gods smile on me when they rain on others.

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