And so, with great sadness…

by Christopher Paul on August 23, 2006

One of the recent events in my life that has prompted the adoption of my new motto (which I’ll get to soon, I promise) is that I have lost my job. Yes, the very job that I said sucked. And while it did suck – at times (and more times than I thought were good) – I miss it.

Actually, I still work there. See, the company I am employed at for a few more weeks (or until they run out of money) is a hedge fund who, like so many hedge funds, has closed its trading operations. I like to say they zigged when they should have zagged and that’s why they closed but its more complicated than that. Suffice it to say, they were doing well until this (Oh, God, I HATE to say this…) perfect storm happened where we got wiped out in a downward spiral of market events that only happened once… ever.

Anyway, that’s not what I wanted to say. What I did want to say is that despite me having issues with the job sometimes, I miss it already. See, I helped grow that business. As the guy to handled all their IT, I built new datacenters (and entire office spaces), created virtual offices that connected three continents, oversaw all our software development, and created company and general IT policy that brought the small organization in line with those of larger companies. I gave them the latest and greatest technology and made sure that we were compliant with federal regulations (thank you, very much Sarbanes). What I created, was my masterpiece.

And now, the office will be shut down and everyone is out of a job – including yours truly. I’m not worried about finding a job (yet). I have great skills and fantastic experience that will land me something soon. I just started putting my resume out there so I’m hoping that a few leads and contacts come through and present an opportunity that will pay the bills and excite me at the same time. If anyone out there is interested in someone who can run their IT department, contact me through the form I have for this site; I know that I can offer a lot to practically any sized organization and I’d like to show that to others again.

I’m sure that most of the other people, um, working there will be fine too. They also bring lots of knowledge and experience with them to wherever they go and they are all hard workers, too. Most of them are very young and flexible; they are interested in so much out there and if they think its cool or new to them, they will truly enjoy whatever they are doing. Those that are older and more established bring all those years of experience that will land them jobs in no time at all. I hear that some people already have new things lined up. Those people will be truly missed – they are all great people – and I hope I have the chance to work with them again.
And so, with great sadness, I close this exciting but stressful chapter in my professional life that I hope will be repeated in the next.

The next time, however, I will do things a little differently…

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