Flocking again

by Christopher Paul on August 24, 2006

I never mentioned this before but I stopped using Flock a while back. There was a memory leak in it that made my system crash every now and then. I’ve got 4GB of memory in my system and Flock grew to well over 800MB on its own. I don’t know if its still there but I’ve seen two or three revisions come out so I’m giving it another try. I’m also back on Windows XP for a stint while I sync my iPod and put out my resume. It seems that OpenOffice doesn’t save MS Word files as well as I would like. Not that its a big deal most of the time but when your resume looks like crap because the formatting is all wrong, it makes me look like an idiot and not so desirable.

It kinda sucks, too. I like Ubuntu and Flock very much – I will I could use them all the time. But if the apps aren’t there, it makes it hard to switch. Now I really want that Mac Mini! I want the stability and security of the OS and all the applications but I want my iTunes music store and a good version of Office when it counts. For the record, OpenOffice is perfect for most of my needs but the docs didn’t save properly and both the PC and Mac versions of outlook had a hard time rendering my resume.

And in the end, I just want something that works. I don’t care what the OS is, actually. If Windows didn’t crash on me, I’d be using it all the time. If Ubuntu had all my apps on there I’d be using it all the time. And if my software worked properly – no matter what the OS – I’d stick with that OS in a heartbeat.

Well, I got a little side tracked, here. I guess I’m frustrated that I don’t have the iTunes Music Store on Ubuntu with a working version of Office. Is that too much to ask??!!??

P.S. Don’t tell me about WINE or some other “non-emulator” for Ubuntu. I ran it and all I could do is get streaming radio to work… badly.

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