De-Clutter Project Update:

by Christopher Paul on September 22, 2006

Well, I’ve started the de-clutter throwing out phase. Today, I marked more for tossing and tonight, before I go out, I’m setting it aside where I keep the trash. I’ll wait for my wife to review what I plan to throw out just in case she wants to keep something. But because I am waiting for her review, I’ve moved on to the paper and informational clutter.

The paper stuff is easy. I just set it aside (and have been doing so for a few weeks) and shred the junk mail with my personal information on it (don’t want to give it to an ID thief). Bills are shredded too – those that are paid and those that weren’t got paid. Not every piece of paper is shredded, though. I’ll finish that over the weekend or sometime next week. The bag of shredded paper is sitting just outside my doorstep and will be tossed tonight when I head out to meet my wife for dinner before she hits the theater. Now the harder task for me to tackle is the non-tangible information.
I’ve started going through my tags and reviewing each article associated with them. I’m removing duplicate tags and creating new ones to better define what the link is about. When I first signed up for, I wanted to be sure I stuck to just a few tags (in an attempt to keep it simple) but that proved to be too restrictive and in this case, I am going to let loose and use tags very freely. But I will redefine some of the tags.

For example, I’ve got tags for Shareware, Freeware, Software, Utilities, Downloads, Tools, Admin, etc…. the list goes on. But to me, Utilities and Tools are the same thing – I don’t know why I named a few of them tools but I did. And all the software whether it be Freeware or Shareware… are all downloads; its a useless category for me. So I’ve come up with a tree like structure for my links and am slowly migrating towards that concept. I wish that would allow for nested tags to help keep things organized.

Anyway, I’m done taking a break to do more stuff. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

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