Solicited by Solutions

by Christopher Paul on November 7, 2006

While I was working on one of my other websites, I was interrupted by a phone call from Network Solutions.  I had thought about registering a domain with them – as I have done with them in the past – but decided against it because of the cost. They called to see why I started the transaction and didn’t finish.

I was so upset that they called me on such a trivial matter I said the price was too high and I wanted to go elsewhere… somewhere where they respected my privacy and didn’t call me to get undeserved business.  To that, the caller had nothing to say and actually got offended that I reacted that way! How dare I call them on their unethical practice!

I don’t mind a follow call to see how I would rate the business I gave them but to call me up at 8:30pm just to try and get my business is not a way to earn it.  The better way to earn it would be to stop peddling expensive registrations and useless add on services that people don’t need let alone understand why they need or don’t need it.  They rip off the ones that’s don’t understand and they annoy the ones that do.

I don’t know who the best registrar is and everyone has their favorite.  One friend of mine like Joker.  Another likes DynDNS.  Still, others prefer GoDaddy (for some reason) and many use their hosting provider. I’ve used them all and only Network Solutions has ever invaded my privacy; I suspect they use that information for other reasons besides follow ups.

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