by Christopher Paul on November 10, 2006

I just read on TV Squad that Voltron is coming to the Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim program.  The episodes start this Monday but air really early on in the morning.  I’ll be firing up the TiVo/DVR/Magical Recording Device hooked up to my TV and recording all the episodes and relive a great childhood memory.

My younger brother and I watched Voltron religiously when we were kids.  Something about the animation drew us to it – well before we knew what anime was.  We enjoyed the story too with its space theme, robots (that transformed – similar to the GoBots and the Transformers which we also enjoyed), monsters, battles, swords, missiles, and other normal boyhood interests.

We had the toys – several different versions of them – and played with them so much we ruined them.  Of course, we were kids and we didn’t think they would be collectibles at the time.  What kid does?  We watched every episode, too.  And while we didn’t have a chance to record them like we did some of our other favorite shows, we always were on the lookout for them hoping to enjoy them all over again. Now we can.

I know I’ll be recording them this time… now where are those blank DVDs?

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