WordPress 2.1 Plunge

by Christopher Paul on January 31, 2007

I just upgraded to WordPress 2.1 on my own. In the past, I’ve upgraded the blog using the ‘One-Click Install’ feature of my host. And although they are usually quick to update their installer scripts, I thought they were takig their sweet time and decided to do it myself.

For the most part, things work well.

The plugings seem to work and the theme works except for one feature – the AJAX scroll bar thing to search the archives. It might be a change in functionality as the bar isn’t displayed until you click on the ‘Older’ link. Then it shows up with a new scroller to control how much of the older article’s text shows up. It’s really cool, though. I expect that K2 will go 1.0 very soon and I’ll upgrade to it then.

Hopefully, nothing will go wrong with the new version but let me know.

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