Running in Parallels

by Christopher Paul on March 3, 2007

When I heard the announcement that Parallels had released another (and final) version of their OS virtualization software, I decided to give it a try.  The way I figure, the $80 or so it costs will pale in comparison to the headache I would feel if I got rid of my PC.  Now I don’t plan on getting rid of my PC but if I do, its good to know that I can do so without missing the essential apps I have used for years.  The money is also worth it for me to “play” with new or beta OSs without having to damage my XP or my Ubuntu partitions.  In fact, after I get done with creating an Ubuntu image, I’m going to install another one but this time the server LAMP version.

So far, I love it! XP installed without a problem (which I can’t say happened on my real PC) and the Ubuntu install is going smoothly.  If I get things to work well, I’ll install Parallels on my wife’s computer, too, so she can use XP.  Of course, for me to do that, I need to uninstall my XP (don’t want to get in trouble with the Windows Gestapo Association).

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