by Christopher Paul on June 9, 2007

On Thursday I went to see a band called Mere at Maxwell’s. I’ve seen them play before they had an album out and thought they were good. But having seen them again and listened to their new CD, I think they got even better. They’ve got a great sound, refreshing lyrics, and a variety of songs to listen to (slow, fast, etc.).

The guys are local to NYC and Hoboken, NJ where Maxwell’s is. But they’ve played all around the city and have opened up for big name acts like INXS, Oasis, Seven Mary Three, and a few more. Like some other bands, they have a music video on YouTube which I think is really interesting, too. It might not be thought provoking but its enjoyable to watch.

Anyway, if anyone is interested, check out their MySpace page where you can listen to some of their songs. If you like them, stop by their next show or pick up their CD. I think they are great both live and on a professionally cut CD so either way, you’ll enjoy their sound.

Update: I just noticed they have their songs on the iTunes Music Store. Check out the album here.

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