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by Christopher Paul on June 20, 2007

My site isn’t super popular – I only get between 460 and 490 page views a month; my reports from Google Analytics tell me that.  Most of my readers are from North America – about 30 or so a month from Canada and about 170 or so from the United States.  I have about 100 readers from Europe each month and close to 40 readers from Asia and the Australian/New Zealand region.

I don’t write much on the site.  I write when I’m bored or when I have something important to say.  Occasionally, I’ll come up with some genius and write something intellectual.  And once in a while I write a review of something. I think I touch almost all topic, too.  One, in particular, has turned out to be my most popular topic which gives me 70% or more of my traffic:  my Newton’s Law of Porn article.

It should probably come as no surprise.  Porn is a huge business.  Its considered one of the vices that generate the most tax revenue for states.  Other vices include alcohol and tobacco products and you can see how much money they generate – billions to the companies that sell them and millions (possibly billions) to the states; some places like New York City have a state and a city tax that could be 60% of the pack of cigarette’s cost!

Anyway, for some reason, people like my article on PornoTube; it’s the most popular outbound link!  I think I should get some of their ad reveue (if they make any) for referring so many viewers.  Now that I think about it, I should come up with a porn site for people to contribute videos to.  It would be a crowded market, though, I’m sure.

I’m proud of that article – its a law of society that, I think, is almost as the universal truths of physics and chemistry. But I wish I could come up with other articles that got that kind of attention without the easy porn angle to attract visitors.  Don’t get me wrong, I like the visits and I like people reading my article… I just wish I could write some other cool post that got similar views on a topic other than one of the popular vices in the world.

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