New Goals

by Christopher Paul on July 10, 2007

I’ve tried to come up with some new goals to accomplish. Things that aren’t too hard (so I can achieve them) but not too easy or common (to keep them special). So far, I’ve come up with three goals that I’m going to work towards.

The first, involves the most effort and time: Become a Mac Genius. If you didn’t know, I’ve ditched my big, clunky, loud, but extremely fast Windows PC in favor of a complete opposite: a Mac Mini. The Mac Mini has to be one of my most favorite computer purchases of all time and I’ve done my share of ‘hacking’ it but nothing like my Windows box or my Ubuntu laptop. But I want to do more. Moreover, I think it would be cool to learn everything there is to know about a Mac; I already know everything about a Windows PC (hardware and software) so bridging the gap is the obvious next step. Plus, it would be cool to wear the T-Shirt that says I’m a genius. I’m not doing it for the money or the discount – or even to help people (although that would feel good). I’m doing it because I’ll learn something cool and be cool at the same time.

The second goal is to get featured on Flickr’s Explore page. I took a look at the pictures I’ve take over the last year or so and some – not all – but some are good. I know I need to be better. And I should learn some good photo editing techniques (because not all of those photos are natural). But I think that with a little bit of effort, trial and error, and some great opportunities, I could take a picture that is worthy of being noticed by the Flickr staff.

The last thing, related to the second one, is to take a good picture, upload it to and someone pay for it. It’s not as easy as it seems – someone has to like it enough to purchase it. I’ll probably have to post a few pictures just to help my odds a little. The person buying the photo has to be a stranger, too. No one I know counts towards this goal.

I have no deadline for these goals yet. I can start the Flickr thing right away. The iStockPhoto could take a while but I can start collecting photos I think might be worthy now. The Mac Genius thing, like I said, could involve the most effort so if, by the end of the year, I make it, I’ll consider it a quick achievement.

After I make the Flickr photo goal, I just might move on to a YouTube goal.

And Cut!

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