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by Christopher Paul on July 24, 2007

I’ve been practicing.

I’ve been practicing my photography and working towards my goals of getting mentioned in the Explore pages of Flickr and selling a picture on iStockphoto. Despite progress, I’m very far from reaching them.

But I do think I am getting better.

First, I’m learning how to use my cameras. The Nikon Coolpix 8800 and the Canon PowerShot S3 IS are very different and each takes a while to get used to. Once you do, however, its just a matter of finding a good photo. Both take good pictures but the Cannon seems to feel a little easier to use.

I’ve resorted to using Picnik for my digital editing. Consider it the poor man’s Photoshop. Since I’m on OS X, I can’t easily install GIMP (I don’t want to install X11), I’m forced to use web based apps. Picnik is also easy to use (a little slow, though) and works well with Flickr making uploading a snap (no pun intended). It, of course, handles all the sharpness, brightness, color saturation, and contrast just like the “pro” apps and the easy undo makes changing your mind, well, easy.

You might have noticed that I added my Flickr photostream to the sidebar on the right. If you click on the link, you’ll be taken to the photo you clicked on. But if you look just above the pictures, you’ll find my Flickr page in the ‘My Links’ section.

Hopefully, you’ll like the pictures I’ve taken and see how my skills progress over time. If you write a comment, please be gentle. I’m still learning, after all.

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