My Wish: A List That Works

by Christopher Paul on November 20, 2007

Ever since I started dating my wife, I’ve been creating a Christmas list for the holiday season for her and her immediate family. The idea, simply enough, is to take the guess work out of finding a “perfect” gift for someone and get something you are sure they want (it wouldn’t be on the list otherwise). And while I don’t always agree with the idea of having a good clue as to what one might get for their birthday, anniversary, or Chrismukkah, it does make things easier for the gift giver and somewhat easier for the gift receiver. Now, being the Web 2.0 nerd fanboy junkie techie that I am, loves to mess with the simple art of pen and paper and replace it with a ajaxy website.

Enter Wishlistr.

Like so make butchered words that fill the Web 2.0 landscape, lets you share your list with others. Create your list by manually entering items or use the ‘bookmarklet’ that you can slap on your favorite browser’s toolbar to add items automatically. When you add things to your list, you get to ever the title of the items (and it does pre-populate this field for you) and a little bit of text for the list reader; it also adds the URL of the item to the list so the buyer could click on it and buy, research, shop for the thing you want. Its actually really neat. Its so simple and, yet, effective.

Except when it does work.

See, I was going to update my wish list tonight when I ran into a little problem: Wishlistr wouldn’t load; they had ran out of their bandwidth. Don’t ask me how that happens in this day of cheap hosting or private servers but it did. See for yourself:


So for this holiday season, I wish for my Wishlistr to work.

Jimmy Nordlund November 21, 2007 at 4:54 AM


I’m glad to hear that you enjoy Wishlistr.

I’m terribly sorry for the downtime. Our service provider updated the software on their server which mistakenly imposed a bandwidth limit on our account. It has been fixed now and we’re up and running again. Sadly this all happened during the middle of the night here in Sweden, so we weren’t aware of the problem until a few hours ago this morning.


C.G. November 21, 2007 at 7:53 PM


Thanks for the update! I do enjoy Wishlistr a lot. My wife has a list, so does my sister in-law. In fact, my wife and I have a joint list that we use for our family just in case people want to get us “group” gifts.

Sorry to hear that the server upgrades didn’t go as flawlessly as one hopes. It’s happened to me before and, knowing my record, it will happen again.

Glad to see things are back to normal!


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