Best Wife Ever

by Christopher Paul on June 18, 2008

So It’s Come To This: posted a photo:

Best Wife Ever

This picture was taken last year when I my wife surprised me by taking me to a Weird Al concert. I’m a closet Weird Al fan and have all his albums on my iPod. Somehow, she found out he was touring and was about to buy tickets to a venue in Connecticut when she say he added a stop in New York City. She snapped up two tickets and prepared the surprise.

As we approached the Beacon Theater, I closed my eyes (to keep the secret) and put on her iPod to block out the sound and, amazingly, I didn’t know what or who I was about to see until the first song came on.

He put on a great show and Jen, who isn’t a fan (but not NOT a fan) thought he did to. She probably would have had a good time just knowing I did…

She’s the BEST WIFE EVER!!

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