How to Stand Up – Stepcase Lifehack

by Christopher Paul on July 15, 2008

I always figured that once I learned how to walk, standing up came with it. Boy was I wrong! Thanks to, I know that I’ve been doing it incorrectly for 31 years.

Of all the “steps” they say are crucial to standing up, I love the second one the best. Nothing says, “Look at me! I’m about to stand up!” like sitting proudly with your head pointed up – as if you were royalty and bestowed the pretentious right of vertical ascension by God. I also like the 4th tip on how to breathe; its a good thing they told me to do that.

I probably shouldn’t be so sarcastic. I like a lot, actually, and I think that the site offers some of the best life hacks (along with Lifehacker) out there. Its just a little hard to take an article like How to Stand Up a little serious when they talk about Step 6; the most important advice the post gives is what not to do.

How to Stand Up – Stepcase Lifehack.

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