Election 2008 Parody from JibJab

by Christopher Paul on July 16, 2008

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If you don’t know about JibJab, you’ve been disconnected from the internet since Flash was created. Many of their short movies poke fun of politicians or political topics in a somewhat irreverent manner – full of the typical caricature style that has been pervasive in political comics & cartoons for centuries.

Their latest movie is really well done. So well done, in fact, that it caught the eye of Newsweek who interviewed the two founders of JibJab.com, Gregg and Evan Spiridellis. The movie, called Time for Campaigning, gives the viewer the ability to upload a photo and sent the movie as an embedded eCard. While I can’t say I like the idea of flash movies being sent to my Inbox, it will get more people to see the video.

And regardless of your political affiliation, I think you’ll enjoy the video.

Check out the Newsweek article here.

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