Ecco p0rn? Should I get a scooter?

by Christopher Paul on August 9, 2008

I’ve been thinking of getting this scooter to commute to work.

Xootr Push Scooters and Kick Scooters.

As it is, my commute is pretty easy. I walk from my apartment in Hoboken to the PATH – about 15 minutes or so. Then, depending on where I’m going – client sites or to my company’s headquarters – I take the PATH to 23rd street or WTC. From there, its another subway ride which can – again, depending on where I’m going – be 5 to 15 minutes. All in, I average a 45 minute commute with walking. If I’m feeling lazy, late, or unwilling to deal with bad weather, I can take a cab to the PATH and that shaves 10 minutes off the total.

But the scooter, I’m thinking, could let me get to the PATH faster than if I walked it and without the 5 dollar (6 with tip) cab fare that the taxi’s charge. Of course, its more environmentally friendly since I wouldn’t be supporting the beat up gas guzzling Ford Crown Victoria’s that are so popular with the livery drivers. And while the scooter wouldn’t get me to the PATH as fast as a cab, at least I can say that I can get some exercise out of it (even though I walk at a really good pace).

But the upfront costs of the scooters bother me. Partially because I’m not sure if I’d stick with it long enough to reduce my cab usage. And partially because my wife and I walk to work together most days and she’d need one, too. I’m also concerned about the weight. At 9.4 lbs, this particular scooter isn’t as heavy as others but its not a feather either; carrying it isn’t always going to be fun when you’ve got your laptop with you. So, I guess, I’m not convinced the downsides out weight the benefits I could get from it.

Ultimately, it could end up being a fad item for me and I guess that’s why I haven’t jumped in with my $200 to get one. But I keep looking at them and wanted to know what other people’s views on them are. Forget this particular model – I’m sure there are others that people like. But I just wanted to know how many people have them, who’s still using them, and, if you stopped using one, why.

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