by Christopher Paul on September 8, 2008

So It’s Come To This: posted a photo:


Another HDR attempt. I kinda like how this one turned out.

Story behind the image:

When my wife and I first started dating, I took her to Rosedale Park in Pennington, NJ. Walking around, I started spouting on about the plants, animals, and insects (mostly insects) as we walked along the equestrian trails. When asked how come I knew so much about insects, I said, "Well, I have my Insect Study merit badge."

At which point, she burst out loud laughing thinking I was kidding and being tongue-and-cheek about it.

Seeing my feelings a little hurt, though, she apologized. Needless to say, I understood she didn’t know I was serious and didn’t think much of it. After all, we are married now. 😉

Fast forward a bit to Christmas 2006, she takes my merit badge sash and has it framed as a Christmas gift; we have it placed in our living room for everyone to see. When people see it, we both laugh at the story as we tell them what happened on our first date in my home town area.

While I never made it to Eagle, I am very proud of my merit badges and the time I spent in Scouting. I met lots of great people and still keep in touch with a few of them today.

From top to bottom, moving left to right:

Environmental Science
Wilderness Survival
Insect Study
Mammal Study
Reptile Study
American Heritage

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