Love Facebook Connect

by Christopher Paul on December 13, 2008

I’m in love with Facebook Connect.

There… I said it.

Now before someone goes and questions my love for my wife, let me tell you that if she was into the websites I visit, she’d be love it, too.

I’m sure that most people know what Facebook Connect (FBC) is. But for those that are just getting started in the social network, FBC is a way for websites tap into the millions of active Facebook users for commenting and profile management; the website gets the users and the users need only provide their Facebook email and password. A side benefit to both sides is the extra social aspects of the integration with the comments left on the blogs by the member showing up in their wall. All this leads to more traffic for Facebook and the websites that integrate with FBC.

I love it for the wall features, alone. While the single sign on is great, I’d like my friends to know what websites I’m active in – and the views I share on those sites. Plus, I only comment on sites I really enjoy and by having those comments posted to my wall, I hope that other friends visit those sites and enjoy them, too. So far, I’ve used FBC with Lifehacker, Webware, TechCrunch, and Vimeo.

Oddly enough, Digg is not a current integrator of FBC yet despite them being touted as one of the first partners of the service. Perhaps they don’t need to hurry since they already import all the sites you digg. But if you’re looking for sites that already use FBC, I suggest you go to and check out their list of Facebook Connect Sites.

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