A Very Good Year

by Christopher Paul on February 2, 2009

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A Very Good Year

I love single malt scotch. Macallan is my favorite. But I don’t drink any scotch that is less than 18 years old. In fact, none of my Macallans are less than 25 years old.

I got this bottle when I turned 25 just under 8 years ago. I got a bottle of 30 year when I turned 30 years old even though I still have some of the 25 year left.

Over the Christmas holiday, I broke out the 25 year and had a celebratory glass with my wife – alone – just looking at the Christmas tree lights in the dark after we opened the gifts we gave each other.

The trips we took, the time we spent together, the fun we had – gifts we gave & received, company we spent our time with, the food we ate, and the drink we drank proved 2008 was, indeed, a very good year.

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