Street Fighter IV: iPhone Edition

by Christopher Paul on February 20, 2010

When I was a kid, I wasn’t very good at most video games. I don’t know if I never paid attention to the gameplay as much as the others or if I just wasn’t skilled enough. When I became a teenager and hung out at the local arcade place (Spaceport, I think was the name of it), I ran into Street Fighter II and its second iteration, Champion Edition. At first, I didn’t know the moves and sucked at the game, too. But after someone taught me the moves, I was good… real good. Not able to win tournaments good – but good enough to beat all but two people who frequented the arcade regularly.

When SF2 Championship Edition came out for the SNES, I went out and bought the console, the game, and two arcade quality fighting sticks just so I could play the game at home. I’ve owned almost all the other SF2 variants and the other SF derivatives including SF EX3 for the PS2. Feeling nostalgic, a good friend of mine gave me his SNES and SF2: CE after I started searching eBay for a system. For Christmas, my wife got me Street Fighter IV because she knows how much I’m into the series. I’ll probably pick up the next version of SFIV and I’m saving up for the official SFIV arcade stick from Mad Catz.

Not having a PSP or other portable console system, I can only enjoy the game when I’m at home… but not for much longer. Capcom recently announced it was going to release an iPhone version of the game. As you can see from the image below, courtesy of IGN, SFIV will use a virtual D-Pad and buttons to control the characters.

Notwithstanding the reservations I have on the controls (virtual control pads on the iPhone can be hit or miss depending on the publisher), the graphics look great and if the gameplay is the same, I’ll be purchasing the iPhone version when it comes out in March. I swore I read that it should run on both the 3G and 3Gs versions but I can’t seem to find the link which said that; if I find it, I’ll update the post with that info.

Street Fighter IV for iPhone Revealed – IGN [via MacLife]

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