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by Christopher Paul on February 21, 2010

From Google Buzz, founder & CEO of Seesmic, Loic Le Meur, shared a recent Harvard Business Review article discussing the visualization of Twitter’s stream. Its a fascinating read just for the inferences one can get from the data. The article uses different trend analysis projects like Twitter Spectrum, TwitterVenn, and StreamGraphs to highlight comparisons between different search terms.

The author, Scott Berinato, has more visualizations than the one I’ve pasted below but you can see how a Venn Diagram of Twitter’s data could be useful for marketers and modern sociologists. In this image, Berinato compares the search terms “Apple,” “Google,” and “Microsoft” to one another to see how frequently they were tweeted.

As you can see, Apple was mentioned more often that their competitors. But as the author notes, Google was hardly mentioned at all. What this suggests needs further research but it might imply that Google is not as hip or popular as almost everyone else would have you believe. Still, its cool just seeing such data represented in some more manageable way.

Jeff Clark, who runs the site Neoformix, has all types of visualizations including the frequency of words used in the latest State of the Union Address and links to other visualizations like the Daytime vs Nighttime Population of Manhattan.

If you’re into marketing, sociology, statistics, or just freaky facts, I’d recommend visiting Clark’s site pretty often. While he doesn’t seem to have an RSS feed, I’ve “subscribed” to is using Google Reader’s new “follow changes” feature. If he adds any more cool visualizations, I’ll post them here.

Neoformix [via Four Ways of Looking at Twitter – Research – Harvard Business Review]

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