Solving My Mobile Blogging Problem

by Christopher Paul on March 28, 2010

I think I solved my mobile blogging problems.

I’ve said before that the WordPress iPhone app needs some serious revisions. Since I wrote that post, I discovered some other issues that have made the app totally useless for me. If you are underground and don’t have any wireless or 3G signal and you try to “save” your post, it will timeout and won’t save your draft; I lost a rather long post because of that. But I’ve got a new way of blogging on the go: MacJournal

I picked up MacJournal when I bought the latest MacHeist NanoBundle but never really got into using it until now. Its one of many great software options for writers, students, and bloggers who want a more intuitive application with organizational tools. It certainly doesn’t hurt that there is a fullscreen mode that keeps you from getting distracted by all the tweets in your social media stream. I’m still not convinced it’s the best writing app out there but its a damn good one; I bought it and would have paid full price, too, if I needed it more often. But I didn’t think of using the app regularly until they announced their iPhone app.

Now, I can integrate my local drafts composed in the desktop app with the iPhone version. And if I’m on the go and want to start a new post, I can do so and then save the draft to my laptop when I get home. Of course, I can just publish a finished article whenever I want from the phone – without all the hassle and risk I face when using the native WordPress app. At $4.99, it’s not cheap by iPhone app standards but there are drinks at Starbucks that cost more.

I have yet to try out the other native writing apps available for the Mac but, so far, MacJournal is starting out strong. I’ll give the others some thought but if there aren’t iPhone apps to compliment the desktop apps, it will be hard for them to win me over – especially with the iPad launching, soon.

In the meantime, I’m going to give MacJournal for the iPhone a try.

If you are interested in MacJournal, you can read more about it here and download a trial copy. You can buy the iPhone app here.

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