Apple’s Genius

by Christopher Paul on April 15, 2010

Slashdot points us to a brilliant article by Steve Cheney who believes the real reason why Apple has forced developers to write applications in their native XCode isn’t because of Adobe’s Flash. He argues that Apple made the changes to the iPhone OS License Agreement to enhance application and, therefore, platform performance while maintaining architecture flexibility in the wake of commoditized products like CPUs.

Apple is sowing the groundwork to make architecture changes seamless—developers will only need to flip a switch to give their apps blazing, native performance.

The analysis is awfully refreshing and inspiring, actually. It makes the move by Apple less, well, douchey when you think about how everyone else believes its about Steve Jobs’ hatred of Flash and its buggy, poor performance. And while Apple’s move does slow down the promotion & adoption of mobile Flash, it is interesting to hear alternate theories – especially ones that involve corporate strategy. If Cheney is correct, it brings new meaning to the Apple’s genius.

The Genius in Apple’s Vertical Platform – via Slashdot

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