Traffic Visualizations

by Christopher Paul on April 15, 2010

By now, you probably can tell I love seeing data visualized in interesting and creative ways. I’m quickly becoming a fan of websites dedicated to displaying what is, essentially, statistical information. Today’s cool visualization comes from Flowing Data: traffic patterns. By studying GPS data, transit ridership, flight patterns, & taxi fares, people have come up with fantastic images and interactive maps.

The image above represents one of my favorites listed on Flowing Data’s post. Its an interactive map of the New York City Subway with ridership information going back over 100 years. The color coded lines mirror the MTA’s color coding for each subway line and the thickness of the line fluctuates with the number of riders. The thicker the color, the more passengers passed through that line & station. Moving the slider on the lower right changes the year and, above it, you can see the ridership trend as it relates to total riders & line. Its a fantastic look at travel data. Mouse over the stations for some the actual ridership information.

But the link from Flowing Data has many more cool visualizations mapping traffic data from around the world. Lisbon, San Francisco, and Madrid also get some visualization love as does the US and England as a whole. If you liked the previous visualizations I posted – or are just a traffic geek – check out Flowing Data’s list of recent images & animated/interactive maps.

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