by Christopher Paul on April 29, 2010

This just makes me sick to my stomach. Boing Boing’s Xeni Jardin sends word that the Chevron is demanding the raw footage used in making the documentary, Crude: The Real Price of Oil.

Just looking at the trailer, below, makes me want to puke. Seriously. The rampant destruction and total disregard for human health, safety, and quality of life is unforgivable. The damage to the environment is tragic in ways the Greeks and Shakespeare couldn’t even imagine. I’m ashamed to be human – its that upsetting.

The movie is now out on DVD and I’ll be adding this to my Netflix queue right away. If I can stomach watching the whole thing, I’m be amazed.

In college, I had to write an essay on Chinua Achebe’s Things Fall Apart which, among other motifs, talked about the way two different cultures conflicted and changed when in contact with one another. It lead me to the book, Price of Oil: Corporate Responsibility and Human Rights Violations in Nigeria’s Oil Producing Communities and I have to say it was soul crushing how Big Oil trampled on the people and the community. As an impressionable youth, I had hope that things had changed. I guess I was wrong – only the location in which Big Oil eradicates has.

I’m glad to support mass transit and my earlier post on fuel consumption has just made me even prouder to be using all the mass transit NYC has to offer.

Crude: The Real Price of Oil – via Boing Boing

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