Baby Gear Recall Visualization

by Christopher Paul on May 2, 2010

Being new parents, my wife and I are doing the best we can to research the safety of anything we buy for our child. We follow different consumer safety and baby blogs and read up on ingredients and construction materials. But its not easy. Things you think are safe turn out to be rather dangerous. Whats challenging, in my mind, is keeping up with the thousands of products out there and the hundreds that get recalled each year.

To understand the number and nature of baby related recalls over the past year, Hugamonkey created a neat visualization that puts things into perspective. The chart shows that most of the recalls are safety related and issued to help avoid suffocation & strangulation – both scary stuff. Take a look at the picture below to get a glimpse of all things parents had to contend with in the past year.

Baby Gear Recalls: Are Your Baby Products Safe? – Hugamonkey [via ohdeedoh]

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