C’Mon LeBron!

by Christopher Paul on July 2, 2010


New York City is trying lure LeBron James to the Knicks. As a Knicks fan, I’d love to see him help revive the team. Mayor Bloomberg and the NYC Go team have come up with a pretty amazing campaign to convince “The King” to move to New York.

Using Twitter and Facebook they’ve created the C’Mon Lebron! movement and have posted photos and videos of New Yorkers pledging their support for the man who many say is the greatest player of our time. I’ve enjoyed the advertisements playing in the NYC taxi cabs and I’m impressed with the overall use of social media to spread the word.

So when I went to see the videos on Facebook, I was struck by the one I’ve embedded below where one of the kids rightly said it best: “The greatest player in the world deserves the greatest city in the world.”

I hope LeBron James comes to New York and joins the greatest kids in the greatest city.

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