Internet Censorship Report

by Christopher Paul on July 3, 2010

Today’s infographic comes from showing the most prolific governments who censor the internet for its people and the number of people affected by the filters. It probably doesn’t shock you that I’m against internet censorship of any kind. But until you think of the pure numbers, you don’t really understand how many people it affects.

Internet Censorship Report.jpg

Taking a look at this picture, though, you can see that 1/4 of the world’s population is missing out of some the very best of the web. Knowing how filters work, I know they don’t really work. But it doesn’t make it easy to get around. One can only hope that the citizens of these countries figure out how to get around these filters without retaliation. That is, if they want to.

Internet Censorship Report – via Cool Infographics

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