by Christopher Paul on July 9, 2010

Every now and then, a really good iPhone app comes along that makes you glad you put up with AT&T’s horrible service. NYCmate by densebrain and episode6 is one of those apps. NYCmate claims to be the ultimate New York City map application and its one of the best I’ve seen.


Its a thin app, only 8.5mb but it has the official NYC subway and comes with the MTA’s Subway map; you can download the bus maps for all the boroughs by clicking on button. When you zoom in on a Subway map, you can tap a station and pull up the train schedule. (Believe it or not, the MTA is on a regular schedule but its hard to see that when so many people cause delays by holding the doors – a personal pet peeve of mine.) You can also download the neighborhood maps also found in Subway stations so you can easily navigate the area if you aren’t familiar with it.

Its a free app which makes it an amazing tool for anyone visiting the city. I’d even recommend this app for native New Yorkers and anyone currently living in the city. I still think my favorite app for navigating New York City is still Exit Strategy NYC because, I feel, it was designed with New Yorkers in mind. Exit Strategy NYC doesn’t show you the the train times but it does have the same maps as NYCmate does but shows you where you need to be on the train to exit the station or transfer to another train. For anyone who can’t spare a New York Minute, Exit Strategy NYC is invaluable.

But Exit Strategy NYC is $4.99 and all the maps are downloaded at once making it a heavy app. The added convenience of everything being available “offline” while you’re underground is helpful, though. And, like I said, I think its an app all New Yorkers can appreciate.

Both apps are fast and responsive (from my tests on an iPhone 3G) and I’ll be able to use both for their respective advantages. I highly recommend them both if you’re living in or visiting the city.

NYCmate – via Lifehacker & Gizmodo

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