Making a Living on the 4/5 Trains

by Christopher Paul on July 10, 2010

Randy Kearse sells his self published books on the Subway. According to him and the New York Times, he’s sold 14,000 copies of them at $10 each.

The NY Times profiles Mr. Kearse:

“This book is about my life, my experiences, the lessons that I’ve learned from the mistakes that I’ve made,” he said, “mistakes that sent me to prison for 13 and a half years.”

Mr. Kearse, 45, went from hustling crack cocaine as head of a multistate crew, to federal prison, to author and urban self-help guru who not only writes books about his experiences but also mentors children, crooks, prisoners and their families on the perils of the criminal life. Or as one of his titles suggests, he has gone from “Incarceration to Incorporation.”

I’ve never seen him on the trains but, admittedly, I don’t get further than 96th street on the east side and 125th on the west. I’m rarely up there now that I’m mostly work near Wall Street. But I’d be interested to read his book. At $10, I’d buy it. Since he demographic are the residents of Harlem, I doubt if its available on Amazon’s Kindle or Apple’s iBooks but it probably should.

Author Whose Bookstore Is the No. 2 (or 4, or 5) – NY Times

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