Voice Actors of The Simpsons

by Christopher Paul on July 11, 2010

Checkout this neat infographic listing the voice actors on the show The Simpsons and the characters they help bring to life.

Simpsons Voice Actors.jpg

(Click the image to enlarge)

Two things strike out when I see this image, though. First, the Itchy character is repeated several times. Itchy is voiced by Dan Castellaneta and Scratchy by Harry Shearer; I don’t know why Tress MacNeille is listed as a voice actor.

The other is Phil Hartman. In my opinion, he voiced two of the greatest Simpsons characters of all time, Lionel Hutz and Troy McClure, and the silence left by his death can never be ended. I miss those characters and I’ve always felt their retirement (out of honor & respect) contributed to the gradual decline of the show.

Source: Reddit via The Daily What

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