Mortal Kombat Music Video

by Christopher Paul on July 20, 2010

Soon after I started playing Street Fighter II in the local arcade, Mortal Kombat came out. The appeal for some was instant – the blood and gore the fatalities offered players introduced what I would call “real” violence to 2D fighters. Street Fighter and others like it just showed some sweat when someone was knocked out.

MK went on to inspire a slew of game sequels, a techno soundtrack and a movie. While the music was pretty good (about as good as mid 90’s techno got) and the games better than the original, the movie sucked. It did well at the box office, though, but I can’t see why. It just plain sucked! I’ve seen movies suck before, but it was the suckiest bunch of suck that ever sucked.

The acting was horrible. The dialog defined what cheesy dialog for a movie is. The action was slow and poorly choreographed. And the plot could have been cool but instead we get some lame ass story about fighters from around the world coming to a mysterious island to fight a creepy dude and talk to The Highlander.

Still, the game, the music, and the movie all remind me of my younger years and how fun it was to be a witness to, at the time, a revolutionary game experience. And apparently, others liked the movie and music enough to mash them up in a music video.

Surprisingly, its not the video on YouTube that gets the most views when you do a search for the game title. That video, with over 17m views, is just too odd to embed here but just do a search for Mortal Kombat and sort by views and you’ll find it; watch it if you dare.

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