ACTA Updates

by Christopher Paul on July 23, 2010

If you haven’t heard of ACTA, you might want to do some research on it and how it could affect you if its ever ratified. ACTA is labeled as an anti-counterfeiting agreement between nations but its actually a stronger, global DMCA. Supports of the treaty – which doesn’t need Congressional approval in the US – say it won’t change any laws but opponents (and even some supporters in other countries) acknowledge it will do just that.

But there is news that ACTA negotiations aren’t going as well as some would have hoped and representatives from the EU might walk away from ACTA altogether. While its possible its just posturing, its still good to know that this abhorrent effort – which is kept in total secrecy without peer review – might be struggling.

Good news if you ask me. I only hope this thing goes away for good but I fear this is one of those “eternal vigilance is the price of freedom” type of things where if ACTA falls apart, it’ll be back later.

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