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by Christopher Paul on July 30, 2010

New York City is on a crusade to rid itself of bedbugs. Over time, infestations has risen considerably; national chain stores have had to temporarily close some locations because of it. Even movie theaters are suspected of having the blood suckers. Avoiding the beasties isn’t as easy as you think but there are tools to help. The Bedbug Registry compiles reports of bedbug infestations and presents them in a map for easy searching.


Getting rid of them requires harsh chemical fumigation. It might also involve throwing away furniture or clothing. I’d like to say New York can rid itself of the pests but I feel its a losing battle; they’re just to easy to spread.

Honest John September 19, 2010 at 3:39 PM is a farce! Mostly anonymous and false reports. No due diligence is taken to ensure that good landlords are not being hurt by malicious malcontents. It is simply a revenue generator for it's painter/computer guy owner, who spend exactly no time whatsoever to maintain/clean the site of old infestations which were handled properly and are now bedbug free. There are properties with no reports for over 2 years still listed, and still being reported to google. Just because it's on the internet does not make it true!

SoItsComeToThis September 19, 2010 at 7:30 PM


If you search the website, there is a way for people to dispute the claims. Go here: to dispute any posts. In fact, if you read the entire guidelines, the operator(s) make it clear they encourage managers and landlords to include their side of the story and offer their opinion of the situation.

But also note that each report is timestamped. And there is a history for any entry. Honest landlords who take the reports of bed bugs seriously and address all concerns promptly shouldn't have an issue with the registry. The reports of prompt action and their openness to address tenants' concerns in the best possible way will give new and existing residents the comfort they need to stay under their care.

Only landlords who act slowly, withhold treatment, doubt their residents, hide the truth, or fight their residents should have something to fear.

And, you're right. Just because its on the internet does not make it true. But if a landlord had a pest problem in the past and addressed it, the feedback that's allowed to occur on the registry (and probably other sites) will let the world know what the current situation is.

If you're a landlord – and a good one – the majority of your tenants will speak up for you.

Honest John December 10, 2010 at 1:42 AM

Don't be stupid. No one is going to post "good" reports on a website devoted to reporting bad landlords. Most landlords don't even know they are being listed, and there is no motivation for anyone to list on this site except for vengeance/retribution.

The owner of has no training in entomology, and does not visit/contact any of the buildings listed on his site (it would be simple and easy to send a letter asking a response to a report, then post the result). Nor does he remove them with no reports after a certain time.

When "honest landlords" try to contact this "journalist," it is almost impossible to get a response (because he doesn't actually do anything but "sit in his underwear and let the database fill up"), therefore his "retractions" are very difficult to come by, and your building still gets listed on Google, costing the landlords good tenants (naive as they may be), and money.

Fear is the wrong way to make a buck, and this guy is making money off the fear of travelers/renters and bedbugs. If money was not a motivation, he would not have advertising on his site (it doesn't cost much to maintain), even it is google ads and "is at an arm's length" as he claims.

Believe me, I know more about this guy, his shaky history, his actual citizenship (not American), and his website than most people, as I have actually done research, which is more than I can say about Mr. Maciej Ceglowski! He even claims to be antisocial! He does not have a "permanent location"… Very shady person.

He is part of the evil that makes the internet harmful.

There is a lot of good that comes from the internet, but also people will believe the bad first, and disbelieve anything good said from a stranger. I can also say your defense of Mr. Ceglowski shines of someone who has not fully investigated the topic for which he writes – another problem with the advent of the blogosphere – ignorant people trying to sound informed.

Paulejarvis August 19, 2011 at 3:48 PM

New York city may be on a quest, but the quest is not state wide, I have been a guest in the niagara falls area for the last few years. I have stayed in almost all of the niagara falls area hotels, transfering to try to outrun the bedbugs. I have not been successful. Every, and I mean every hotel in the niagara falls area is infested, I have been bitten so many times I have lost count, When this is brought to the attention of the front desk, they shrug it off as though you spilled coffee.
If any of you have never been bitten, It is the most disgusting thing I have had in years. Just imagine the worst mosquito bite you have ever had, mulyiply it by 100, there you have it.The bites take about a week to run the course.The swelling and itching are very intense. Nobody seems interested in any kind of relief, The hotel management, Health Dept, Hospitals, They treat it as though it is every day business. I guess this is just an FYI for unsuspecting visitors to this area.

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