by Christopher Paul on July 31, 2010

As much as I love WordPress, I’m tempted to switch to another platform like Tumblr or Posterous. That, or switch to private servers or another host altogether. Or maybe I need to wipe out my database and start over. Whatever it is, I need to do something about the 404 errors I’m getting.

Sometimes I wonder if my cache plugin, W3 Total Cache, is messing with me because I get Error 404 on the admin panel sometimes. Even Mars Edit returns 404 errors sometimes when I try to post. Its getting ridiculous, frankly.

So my solution is to throw resources at the problem. But as everyone knows, just throwing resources isn’t really going to help. It’s only going to mask the problem. I should figure out why my blog does this as often as it does. But I am tempted to sign up for some more horsepower just so I don’t have to use cacheing as much as I do.

If anyone out there knows how to tune my blog with W3TC, I’d appreciate some help.

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