by Christopher Paul on August 12, 2010

Now this looks promising – and cool. SoBi, or the Social Bicycle System, aims to change the urban transportation. It hopes to outfit various bikes with GPS and mobile technology similar to what Zipcar does with automobiles.

I hope this kid of thing takes off. I really like riding my bike but its a pain to carry it sometimes. I don’t want to invest in a folding bike or a very lightweight (read: expensive) frame either. But hopping on and off one of these just might be the answer to my proverbial urban prayers.

I hope it does well. As Mashable points out, it will be available in the next four to six weeks or so and I’ll be signing up when it opens to the public. I’ll let you know how it is if I can get in.

In the meantime, watch this video of SoBi founder Ryan Rzepecki explain the SoBi system in greater detail:

The Social Bicycle System from Ryan Rzepecki on Vimeo.

SoBi via Mashable

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