How To Be The Perfect Host

by Christopher Paul on August 13, 2010

Earlier in the week, I saw Lifehackers guide on how to be the perfect host. I starred the article in Google Reader and promised to come back to it later – I probably should have sent it to Instapaper because it would have been read by now. Anyway, I know I need to brush up on my social skills a bit – especially on when it comes to hosting; I never did any party planning or hosting before I got married and it probably shows when people come over to visit.

But I mention all this because I like Adam Dachis’ follow up article on the Guest Information Packet they produced and offer as a free download.


Once you download the PDF file, you can edit the text and fields as needed to tell your guests what your local emergency numbers are, the password to your guest Wi-Fi network (you do have a guest Wi-Fi network, right??), and a place for instructions on how to operate any equipment in the kitchen, bathroom, or living room.

Even if you don’t have people staying over all that often, having this information handy to casual visitors can only help make them feel a little more comfortable – or a little embarrassed they don’t have something similar at their place. Either way, I’ll be filling this out before my next guest arrives.

Now who wants to visit me?


Lifehacker Guest Information Packet – via Lifehacker (Warning: PDF link)

also: How to Be the Perfect Host in the 21st Century – Lifehacker

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