How to Make an Introduction

by Christopher Paul on August 13, 2010

Peaceful Resolution (75/365)
(Photo by NomadicLass)

When I wrote about Lifehacker’s tips on hosting in the 21st Century, I mentioned how I needed to brush up on my social skills. This article on how to make an introduction is another set of useful tips that I’ve bookmarked for later reference. The “rules” are a little tough to remember but they stress being respectful when you might be unsure of how to properly introduce two people to one another.

Be sure to check out their “Other Tips” section for little things that go a long way like my favorite: Always stand up for introductions.

There are a ton of good links at The Art of Manliness that don’t strictly apply to the male gender. I’ve made it one of my regular reads and I highly suggest you do, too.

How to Make Introductions Like a Gentleman – The Art of Manliness

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